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23" x 31"
23" x 31"
acrylic on canvas 5' x 6'
23" x 31"
All around
23" x 31"
Painting is a way of giving expression to ideas and feelings between my inner and outer world.  In the act of painting there are fleeting moments when I feel connected to a mystery, something immense, a deep beauty . . .  just as I do when hiking in the wilderness or gazing at the horizon between fields and sky. I sense the duality of opposing forces within "life", a consciousness or not.  I tread this tightrope nervously, yet happily – negotiating both sides of a fine line while painting. 

But, quite simply – there is always the delight of creating luscious colours, of teasing light from dark shadows and transforming the blank canvas into 'a thousand words' – all magical!   It is a choice, a small attempt to express a 'beauty and truth' as opposed to darkness. For me this is easily found in the myriad expressions gifted by Nature. 

Elemental Series
Down the Garden Path
30' x 40"
Nights in the Garden
30" x 40"
Garden Wall
30" x 40"
Under Full Moon (Fragrance)
Nights in the Garden Series

Currently working on 'Inspiration'
triptych 12' x 5 1/2' on canvas
Currently working on "Inspiration" Series
tryptich 12' x 5 1/2'