"Zshu-Zshu - you are one of the finest teachers I've ever had! I've grown so much in my perception, my technique, and as a person in these workshops... that I would love to travel with you again!"
Catherine Youngren, Interior Designer/Store Planner

". . . that incredible time you arranged and carried out for us! Your sensitivity and open way of teaching plus the energy you put out non-stop was amazing . . . a once in-a-life time week of companionship & painting - well, more than just painting!  Experiencing! Thank you!" 
Ruth Violet, Instructor, Langara College 

"I experienced a breakthrough in my painting!  I marvel at your approach. Your perception into student's abilities is amazing and enabled me to reach a greater level of my inner self and to focus while surrounded by Corsican beauty . . . a unique teacher!"
Patricia Windsor, Businesswoman

"Thank you for this valuable gfit of digging deeply to create art that's so much more of me. It's exactly what I wanted and needed . . . enjoyed it beyond my wildest expectations" 
Grace Kerina, Artist, Washington

'Top notch, excellent. I hope to return some day. The laughter is in my memory bank" 
Betty Paris 

"Crickets, cypresses, lavender, chestnuts, cuckoos; sumptuous meals, scintillating conversations, joyful laughter, meditative silences, new ways of seeing, of thinking, of being, new questions, new awareness, new energy'. Thank you for a refreshing and rewarding workshop." 
Michael Mundhenk, Translator

"Thank you so much for your time and energy. It has been an invaluable experience and one I will always treasure."
Jillyan Gift, Teacher

" . . . AIl contributed to a wonderful week. We had a great group and a great teacher!... and a new feeling about art as a way of learning about myself' 
Graham Good,  Professor of English, U.B.C

". . . beyond all expectations . . . both artistically and emotionally, such a warm caring environment with opportunities to expand and grow. Marvellous food and accommodation."
Dr. Estelle Stevens, Psychiatrist

"My time with you was joyful, expansive and enlightening . . ." 
Nomi Whalen, Minister, U.L.C. Prov. Commissioner  (Alberta

"I returned home with my head saturated with new ideas and inspirations, not only for my painting but for my Iife."
Lori Griffiths, Vancouver